Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My peach

Dear baby,
I'm not going to lie, when Daddy and I first found out about you we were in a bit of a shock.
Truth be told, it wasn't anything we'd planned and we'd already started the adoption process to bring your brother Finn home a new sibling. Imagine our surprise when we realized he already had a sibling growing inside me! Check for four please.

It's been over two months since we found out about you and slowly it's starting to sink in. You're as big as a peach this week baby, and in case you hadn't heard, your birthday is supposed to be March 31. I'm all for waiting until the timing is right for you to appear, but let's not go the whole cool-kids-show-up-to-the-party weeks later route like your daddy did either, kay? We can save that for high school.

Yesterday we went to our first doctors appointment and got to see you.
Squishy, big cheeks, little you.
For the rest of the day Finn talked about seeing the baby on the TV and he points to your sonogram photo on the fridge. "Baby in the belly" he says and lifts up his shirt.
"No." we say "in mamas belly."
Sometimes I think he understands and sometimes I think he's utterly confused.
Either way he's adorable trying to understand you. 
Last night he ran up to me and held my barely there belly in between his hands and kissed you in a round about way. It was so tender and sweet.
"Kisses for the bebe" He said.

I so can't wait for you two to meet, little peach. He is going to adore you and you're going to love that big brother of your like no one else in the world.

Hugs and kisses sweets.

I love you to the moon and back.


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