Tuesday, November 27, 2012

21 weeks

21 weeks. 
You're as big as a spaghetti squash in length and you weigh about 1 pound. 
Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sarah, Cousin Charlee and Uncle Josh all came in for Thanksgiving this week and learned about you. 
None of them believed me. 
Like, at all. 
Unless I poke out my belly it still kinda looks like I'm just carrying around a bit of extra weight.
I've started getting sick again at night which is no fun for either of us. 
You're moving and kicking and punching on a regular basis
and you like to ride really low. 
All I want to drink is ice cold water and all I eat is grapefruit 
...and donuts. 
I never liked donuts before, but oh man are they good now. 
Especially vegan ones.
We're still working on a name for you. 
I have a list on the fridge with ideas that I change out every few days.
Me and Daddy can't even agree on one.
 Although truth be told, even if we do agree on one, if it doesn't fit you when we see your sweet face, we'll be having to think of something else anyhow. 
I could never name a Charlie William.
It just wouldn't do. 
All that to say,  I love you sweet boy. 
Hugs and kisses. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

You're a.....

Dear Baby,

On November 15th Daddy, Finley and I got up super early in the morning while the world was still covered in fog and cool and headed to Walnut Creek for the 20 week ultra sound. That's the one where they check how you're growing and moving and make sure everything looks good. I was so nervous the whole ride over. I just wanted to be told you were healthy. Nothing else mattered. 

It was so early that we didn't even get Finn dressed, we just left him in his alligator slippers and PJs. "Brother or sister?" We asked him on the drive to Matt and Stephanie's, and each time he would pull his finger out of his mouth, and say "a brother and a sister." with a little giggle. 

Me and your daddy both were pretty certain you were a girl, but we didn't care either way. In fact I had told daddy if they told me you were a boy I would probably tell them to check again because I was so certain you weren't... 

And then we were back in the room, and staring at 45 minutes of you moving and bouncing and punching on the screen. You suck your finger like your big brother  and you use my bladder as a pillow the tech said. I already knew that, but it was nice to know I wasn't imagining that you were bouncing up and down on it.  We had the hardest of times getting you to move your head enough for them to get a shot of your brain...

...but, in the end, you are healthy. All 12 ounces, and 100% boy of you. 

And that my sweet wee one is all that matters. Finley is so exited to be having a baby brother, and I must admit, afterwards I was so happy to know I could still say "my boys." There's just something about saying that that makes me ever so extremely happy. 

 I love you to the moon and back my wee little man.